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Discover the New NIMBUS

Introducing the New NIMBUS

The Nimbus has now reached another level in quality and performance. If you've enjoyed last year's version, you will be absolutely amazed by this new machine. Check below how we have upgraded the experience.


Canadian maple | 83 cm | Concave | Wheel wells | Square kicktail

The new deck is larger, a little longer and a bigger square kicktail. It increases stability and makes it easier for ollies and maneuvers. Also has deeper wheel wells and a more comfortable reinforced handle.


Custom BMS | Custom ESC.

We've been able to increase both the torque and top speed and lower the noise. We've changed some important components of the battery and the controller for a better resistance to extreme intensity. Pairing the remote is now easier than ever.


3 modes | Better throttle precision | Accurate battery gauge

The remote is definitely more ergonomic. The battery charges by mini USB. The casing and leash have been reinforced.


Sine Wave signal | Failure prevention | Intuitive speed control

Controlling your speed is easier than ever for both experienced riders and beginners. The remote vibrates to prevent from overcharge and failure risks.

Video introduction

Our CTO Gaël talks about the New NIMBUS 2019. Check the video below!